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Future of Call Analytics and Monitoring is here

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Reading Time: 3 minutes

In 2015, we started with a simple mission; to create an uncomplicated, easy-to-use dashboard for business phone communication that could connect to any phone system.

Since then, we’ve made hundreds of updates, but some features and issues need more effort and require a complete overhaul of the entire technology behind it, so at the end of 2018, we decided to redesign the whole app right from scratch.

After actively listening to feedback from our valued customers from across the world, and after 18 months of grueling work, we finally released our new application.

Our redesigned application comes with hundreds of changes, affording our users more flexibility. We redesigned the entire application with present-day needs in mind, thus establishing a reliable and trustworthy brand for the future.

As of May 10, all users are presented with a “Try the new version!” button at the top of the screen when they log into the dashboard. You can log in with the same username and password in the new app.

The new app was developed from the ground up using new technology employed by the biggest technology companies in the world. As a result, we offer you a smoother and faster web application. Numerous technologies are utilized on the client-side to offer improved interactions with the web browser, with more speed and flexibility. Virtually all modern web browsers are supported, including Microsoft Edge. The new web application is 100% responsive, which means you can quickly access the application from your mobile and tablet devices. While redesigning the app, our team aimed to design an app offering the best mobile experience to check your dashboard or report easily.

What’s new?


Everyone loves to feel at home, so we added a user-friendly home screen to PBXDom. Here, you can find all of your dashboards on the home screen. You can easily categorize the dashboard according to the department or logical groups in your business.

Favorite/Recent Dashboard

Your recently visited dashboards are automatically listed in the recent tab, allowing you quick access to them for efficient day-to-day operations. You can easily add any dashboard to your favorite list, so the favorite/new section appears on top of the home page.

Export/Import/Clone Dashboard

Bigger companies need more dashboards; many of them are similar but are purposed for different departments. In the old version, creating a dashboard for each of them was a tedious process.
In the new version, you can easily clone any dashboard you want just with a simple click.
For bigger companies with different accounts and resellers, creating dashboards for their customers/branches takes time. With the Export/Import feature, you can easily export any dashboard you want and import them into any account. Only the widgets, settings, and formats are included in the exports/imports.


In the new version, we’ve added resizable widgets. With more than 70 widgets, you can easily visualize any data relating to your business and include them on your dashboard canvas. Add widget wizards offer a better user experience, enabling you to add a new widget to your dashboard. Widgets can be found easily by category or by searching their name. More widgets will be released in the coming months in a simple structure that’s easy to use.
The dashboard refresh has been completely redesigned. You can easily see when it updates and its scheduled update time. The same great experience comes in full-screen mode with the top progress bar.

Themes are an important part of modern user interfaces. In the new version, we offer users the flexibility to customize their dashboards; a light (default) and a dark theme. More themes and customizable themes for enterprises are in the works.

Add new PBX wizard

We completely reinvented the “Add PBX” wizard in this new version. In the new wizard, the process is smarter, shorter, and faster. We’ve removed many unnecessary steps and added a smarter auto-detection functionality, making the process easier than ever.
Moreover, we added direct connection functionality in beta for some of our users from last year. This functionality is now available for all users. With direct connection for supported phone systems like Cisco Call Manager and many more, you no longer need collector/agent software; all you need to do is set up your phone system to send data directly to your account. It really couldn’t be easier?

Reports & Charts

The Reports & Charts sections are now combined in one section for efficiency, with a beautiful user interface and more controls, like dashboards. You can also add reports to your favorite section to ensure easy access to your recent reports. The Export feature no longer requires an external plugin like Flash Player, and you can export your reports to PDF, XLS, and other file formats. Also, we will add more than 100 new reports/charts in the upcoming months.


Like all other parts of the application, the settings section is now easier to understand. You can easily access the alert, API, trunk/ext, subscription, and cost plan sections.

What’s next?

This is the first step of many, and we have a thousand more ideas for improvement. We want PBXDom to remain an indispensable tool to offer maximal value. For any comments or requests, please let us know.

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